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Venus square Venus

Can't Say No

Kelli Fox

You're feeling self-indulgent now, spoiling yourself just for the sake of feeling like you have it all -- all the comforts, all the luxuries of life. Needless to say, it will be next to impossible for you to stick with the program this week; your diet, your work schedule and your exercise routine will probably all fly out the window in favor of spontaneous shopping sprees, lunches out with friends, dates with that special someone that last far too late into the night to get up on time the next morning... Anything that requires discipline and the focused application of energy just isn't going to happen now, because you simply can't seem to push yourself to try that hard.

Though it's great to take a breather every now and again, you'll probably push it too far now because you don't know when to stop. You also might give in too easily on an important subject or project because you don't want to say no to anyone. Not wanting to rock the boat is not a good enough reason to let your inner pushover out to roam! The good news is, whatever does or doesn't happen this week, you'll probably have a good time; you're in too good and relaxed of a mood not to.

Venus square Venus in the Compatibility Chart

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