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Venus square Uranus

Because I Want To

Kelli Fox

Don't be surprised if people accuse you of acting like a spoiled brat this week. You're feeling flirty and restless, and you're not in the mood to put up with the same old stuff -- even if it's stuff you normally like. 'Because I want to' suddenly becomes a good enough reason to do just about anything that pops into your head, and you can see the problem with that!

If you follow all your impulses, they'll probably lead you in directions you won't like. And you'll almost certainly make someone around you feel put out with you, whether it's your boss, because you just didn't feel like showing up to work this morning, or your date, because you wandered off to talk to someone else at the party while they stood there alone, waiting for you to come back. Of course, ticking off someone close to you might not be such a bad thing, at least not for you; the tension and negative energy zinging around could actually seem interesting...at least, until it's time to get serious and clean up the mess you've made of your relationships. Why not try to take it a little easier on your friends and coworkers? Not everyone's in the same devil-may-care mood that you're in!

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  1. Ann on August 6, 2016 at 3:51 am

    I’ve retired due to health, boredom general ignorance and laziness of the many people I’ve worked with over the past few years. I’ve made close friends in different places I’ve worked in and I look at those times and instead of anger and frustration there, I tell myself ‘everything has a reason for happening’.

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