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Venus square Saturn

Anxiety Over Love

Kelli Fox

You're not in a relaxed, easygoing frame of mind this week; instead, you're fretting about your finances and your love life, and probably a host of other things as well. You're feeling conservative, not extravagant, so now is not the time to go out on the town, dropping your credit cards here, there and everywhere while you live it up. That would probably make you pull your hair out in a sudden panic attack!

Instead, use this nervous energy to stay home and revise your budget, or get down to work. You're just not feeling social, and you'll find it hard to relate to other people in a warm, lighthearted way -- your friends, clients and coworkers alike. You're definitely better off keeping to yourself for now, until you start feeling more gregarious again. The same goes for business meetings as well as social gatherings -- you're likely to come across as stiff at best and a nervous wreck at worst, so postpone them if you can. You'll feel more like yourself again next week, calmer and more ready to relate human to human. For now, use this time to formulate some long-term goals and then work out a plan for reaching them.

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  1. Ann on August 6, 2016 at 4:07 am

    At present I leave my life to fate.

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