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Venus square Mars

Coming on Strong

Kelli Fox

Don't push too hard this week for the things you've decided you want. Your ego energies are very forceful and you may not pay attention to signals from others to back off, or even just to tone it down. Whatever it is that you're pushing for -- a raise, a promotion, a new project at work, a date with someone you've got your eye on -- what you think is passion could come across to them as aggression, and that could blow the deal before you even get things going.

Watch what you say with your friends, your loved ones or your sweetie; the space you're in could cause you to start arguments without meaning to, and any bridges you burn now will just have to be mended later, when your reason and judgment return. Why not turn all that excess energy and willpower toward your own projects, or toward a relationship with someone strong and dynamic enough to take the heat? You could have a lot of fun, provided that you find the right friend or potential honey to hang out with -- someone who won't just say 'How high' whenever you order them to jump. At work, if there's a project you can plug away at by yourself, you stand to make a lot of headway if you can channel that energy.

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