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Venus square Jupiter

Fun While it Lasts

Kelli Fox

Your eyes are bigger than your plate right now, and bigger than your stomach. Anything even approaching self-discipline is impossible for you this week, because you're only in the mood to indulge. Food, drink, flirtations with someone new and cute, playing hooky from work so you can snuggle up in bed and watch trash TV...

However it is that you like to treat yourself and make yourself feel like royalty, you're going to do it this week -- and you'll pay for it later. But hey, at least it'll be fun while it lasts! This will probably be a very pleasant period; again, the only not-so-fun thing about it will be when you get that credit card bill in the mail, or have to step up your exercise routine by several notches to work off those extra pounds that you'll pack on this week. Your self-control is low and your enjoyment of life in general is high, so take some time off work if you can. If not, then put your skills to use where they're most applicable at the moment: Take those new clients out for an evening of wining and dining, or help to facilitate a meeting and make it more like a fun get-together for friends than a dull, mandatory gathering of coworkers.

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