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Venus sextile Neptune

A Day to Dream

Kelli Fox

It will be difficult to keep your mind on your work this week, because daydreams will keep you busy. You're feeling quite sensitive, imaginative and creative, and you want to be surrounded by good smells, sounds and sights. But you're not just interested in exteriors; you're also interested now in making a deep, soulful connection with someone -- in touching another person at the heart level.

Needless to say, this is a wonderful period for indulging in romantic feelings with your sweetie, or for reaching out to a friend and letting them know how much you care about them. You'll be able to make special connections with animals and children now, too; it's just the perfect time to spread your love around. Take the time to call a friend or relative who's been troubled, because your care and concern will mean a lot to them. You're a better listener now than usual, because you're not just listening with your ears but with your eyes, your heart, your instincts -- you're picking up on all those quiet, subtle cues and responding to the needs and desires of the people around you. You'll make someone feel great this week, and they'll remember this gift.

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