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Venus sextile Mars

Love in Action

Kelli Fox

It's love in action for you this week! Romantic and financial arrangements should go your way now, because your attractiveness quotient is sky-high and you're drawing everyone around into your corner. Furthermore, you're flexible and reasonable enough to find a compromise when the occasion calls for it, which can be a huge boon at work, if you're negotiating contracts or deals with clients or asking your boss for a raise.

You know when to give and when to hold, and that's a real gift. But this period shouldn't be just about business: You're in the mood for some serious good times and great feelings! Hang out with close friends or loved ones, or call up someone new and cute who has a ton of potential. Whatever you do, get out and find where the pulse of life is beating strongest. You need something active to do instead of something passive, so skip the movie in favor of going dancing or bowling. And take advantage of all your energy and good vibes; you're less reserved than usual, so if you feel like planting a spontaneous kiss on that special someone's lips, chances are good that it'll have great results!

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