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Venus opposite Venus

'Everything's Just Fine!'

Kelli Fox

You're in a lazy, self indulgent mood this week, and you'll avoid work if you can. You hate to rock the boat right now, so you could end up compromising on important issues at work or at home instead of speaking your mind. It's nice to be conciliatory and to cede to others' desires, but at what expense will you do so now?

For one thing, you're more sensitive than usual; that, put together with your current tendency to back down from potential conflict, means that you might be nursing some hurt feelings before this transit passes. You're not in the mood to stand up for yourself, which means your only course is to bottle things up inside. This is really not a good idea, but it's probably going to be your first instinct during this period. Looks like you're going to be spending some time cleaning up messes in a week or two, when your backbone returns! That's okay; just try not to commit to anything at this time that you have a strong, gut-level feeling against. Even if you're uncertain about something, just say 'I'll get back to you later about that' and save the decision for next week, when you'll be feeling more clear-headed and strong-willed.

Venus opposite Venus in the Compatibility Chart

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