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Venus opposite Uranus

Impulsive Desires

Kelli Fox

Whatever happens during this period, it's likely to be at least a little bit uncomfortable, even if it's fun. You might do something that's new and radical for you, like going alone to a restaurant, a music show or a movie, making a big purchase that's purely for pleasure -- or sticking your neck out there a little bit in order to pursue a strange and interesting new friendship. Whatever you do, you should make it a point to change your daily routine in small and manageable ways, because otherwise, the more negative and unstable tendencies of this transit could erupt.

The current energy isn't terribly stable, and neither are your emotions. Someone could set you off without meaning to and you could end up arguing with a friend, or with the cashier behind the counter at the department store where you go to indulge your sudden, driving need for a wide-screen plasma TV! And later, when the moment has passed and you've calmed down enough to look at the situation a little more objectively, you'll wonder, What in the world got into me? You can avoid this kind of thing by keeping it simple. Try not to do or say anything that will cause a mess that just needs cleaning up later.

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