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Venus opposite Sun

Scheduled Self Indulgence

Kelli Fox

Schedule in some time for self-indulgence this week, because your urges to blow off responsibility could get the better of you otherwise. Work, schmerk, you might think! You don't want to focus or put your nose to the grindstone; you're more in the mood for two-hour lunches and long dinner dates with old friends.

Or maybe new ones: You're also in the mood for romance now, and you'll want to reach out to anyone who's lately caught your eye. Just keep things on the up-and-up. That self-indulgent streak? Yep, it means that you might be out with one hottie and staring at another walking by -- right in front of your date! Not a good idea, now or ever. If you can't keep your mind on one person at a time, it might be better to stick to parties and clubs -- places where it's all about sensory overload and lots of cute, sweet people crowding around. Shopping could be another area of temptation during this time; you don't have a whole lot of self-control, so beware of being too cavalier with your credit card. And remember -- just because something costs more, that doesn't mean it's better! Don't do anything that you'll regret next week, when this heady influence has passed.

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