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Venus opposite Saturn

Temporarily Trying Times

Kelli Fox

You want to have fun this week, but your work or home life could be demanding too much time and attention to make that happen. As a result, you might do something rash, like ditching out on work for an impromptu afternoon of shopping, that you'll later regret. But you just want to have fun!

The thing is, even if you have the time and the cash to get together with friends and live it up a little this week, you'll still have trouble really letting loose. You're a little more uptight now than usual, and you might end up grinning when you feel like crying, or at least moping. You're just out of sorts now, and you're not good at faking it. Friends might make jokes at your expense that really get under your skin, but you'll laugh gallantly anyway -- and they'll notice how your smile doesn't quite reach your eyes, and they'll wonder what's wrong. But if you try to talk about it, you probably won't really be able to put your finger on it. You're feeling grouchy, stressed, blue, inhibited. No fun! But don't worry; this isn't the new, no-fun you. This transit is relatively short, and in a week or two you'll be feeling like your old self once again. Remember: It's only temporary.

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