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Venus opposite Pluto

Erotic Projections

Kelli Fox

This period is relatively short, thank goodness -- because you could become obsessed with a person, idea or longing, and it won't let you go until the current energy passes, giving way to a more normal state of mind! This time is about erotic obsessions, and it could make you look at your current partner in a new way -- or at a brand-new person that catches your eye. If you're involved in a relationship, a wandering eye could cause plenty of problems now.

Be just as careful if you're single and getting to know someone new, however, because the kind of energy that's swirling around now could push you toward someone who's not really good for you. You might feel fascinated by someone, unable to leave them alone -- even if they're not interested, or if they don't treat you well. The obsessive quality of this period could really get you into some tough spots, because you just don't know when enough is enough! And you're not very in touch with what's good for you, either. The good news is, this period can force change in a stagnant relationship -- and sometimes, any change is better than staying stuck in one spot. Learn what you can from this odd and compelling period.

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