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Venus opposite Mercury

Relationship in Review

Kelli Fox

Anything that needs to be talked out and dealt with between you and a friend, a coworker or a client should be brought out into the open now. With this transit, you have a unique opportunity to compare notes, see how both of you are feeling and generally clear the air. You're not quite as sensitive and tactful as usual, however, so do be careful about what you say.

The point should be on alleviating tension, not creating more! So watch your mouth, and the expressions on your face; they give away more than you realize. Now, don't misunderstand: This period isn't about smoothing things over so much as it is about bringing tensions to the surface, so that you can face them and move on. Meaning, you won't necessarily have fun talking about how a project at work has been progressing, or how your budding relationship with that special someone is going for both of you; but simply getting things out on the table is the important thing. You might be surprised by what you hear, which, though it could be uncomfortable, will ultimately be a good thing. This is a great opportunity to walk a mile in another person's moccasins.

Venus opposite Mercury in the Compatibility Chart

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