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Venus opposite Mars

Inflamed Passion

Kelli Fox

Your sexual energies are aroused this week; in fact, your passions in general are running high. Finding a good way to release this energy is essential, because otherwise, you could get into real conflicts with your honey, your friends, even your coworkers or your boss. Stick to your exercise routine through the two weeks of this transit -- or better yet, step it up a notch, or five.

You need to expend energy in a positive way, because otherwise, you could get yourself into trouble that will only have to be fixed later. Arguments are possible now; so is unrequited attraction. You might try to push your feelings on that special someone, only to find they just don't feel the same way. If you're not careful, you could respond in a really immature way about it, railing at them or trying to belittle them because you feel snubbed. Not a good idea! Similarly, at the office, if there's a project or a stance that you feel passionate about, at least keep your voice down while you're sticking up for it. Being overly aggressive could preclude you from getting what you want, even if you're right -- no one likes to be bullied, after all, least of all your superiors.

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