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Venus opposite Jupiter

A Little Too Much Fun

Kelli Fox

You'll find it hard to say no during this week, unless it's saying no to taking on extra projects at work. That, you can do! But turning down social invitations or that extra slice of cheesecake at a friend's party, now, that's another matter entirely.

You're all about self-indulgence now, and work is way down on your list of things to do, trumped by eating lots of great, rich, delicious foods...getting together with your friends and going out on the town for a good time...going on impromptu shopping sprees... Just try to remember the old adage: Moderation in all things, especially 'retail therapy'! Otherwise, your credit card bill could put a serious dent in your fun when it arrives in a few weeks. For now, though, you don't care how much you spend or eat, or how late you stay out; it's all in the name of having a good time, and 'good times' might as well be your middle name. Romance is in the air; you're attracted to good looks and smooth lines, so you might get hooked up with someone you think is special but who later turns out not to be all that great. The same thing is true at work, so beware of potential clients or associates who are more flash than substance.

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