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Venus conjunct Venus

Your Heart on Your Sleeve

Kelli Fox

This week is all about expressing yourself, especially to the people you love or admire. The flavor of the day is new beginnings, whether with a client at work or with someone special at home. You're in a unique position to get the ball rolling in all of your relationships, and if things have been stagnant lately, then so much the better.

Generally, the energy of this period is all about love and attraction, but it can also influence your business relationships in a wonderful way. In some sense, you have the Midas Touch right now -- you'll think of someone, and then they'll call; you'll fantasize about what you want to happen with that new project at work, and then the right people will show up to help you make it happen. In terms of true romance, there couldn't be a better time to reach out to your honey, or that cute person you've had your eye on. This is also a great time to give a few extra hugs and spread your good mood around! No one special on the horizon? That's okay; hanging out with good friends is great now too. Just be careful about falling off your diet, or spending too much on new clothes or a haircut; you're feeling self-indulgent in the extreme.

Venus conjunct Venus in the Compatibility Chart

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