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Venus conjunct Pluto

How Deep is Your Love?

Kelli Fox

You look past the surface of love this week, peering into the deepest, darkest and most secretive areas of your heart. And what happens when you dig up secrets? If you're lucky, you'll learn more about your own mind and heart, your capacity to love and your connection with your honey, if you're attached.

But it's also possible that you won't like what you discover. Intensity in love is the name of your game now, and for you that might mean passion of the challenging kind just as much as sexual passion (which you're also very much in the mood for). If you have to fight, at least make sure that you make up in style. Watch out for new attractions this week that bowl you over with their intensity. It's likely more a reflection of your current state of mind than of the real potential for the relationship; anything started now could burn bright and then die out fast. Furthermore, strange, haunting thoughts and suspicions lurk just below the surface, making you feel overly possessive or unreasonably jealous. However, passion is ignited when you do manage to connect emotionally with someone, and your senses can be fulfilled at the same time as your heart.

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  1. Meera sachdev on July 16, 2018 at 11:49 am

    Dear kelli
    I always belive in you;
    Thanks Kelli for your guidance

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