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Venus conjunct Jupiter

Self-Discipline? What Self-Discipline?

Kelli Fox

Your focus and self-discipline may fly out the window this week. Oh well! Everybody has to take a break from hard work and routine sometimes, and your time is now.

The only question is, where to start this mini-vacation? If you can't actually get out of town -- duty calls, after all, even if you're in the mood to skip work -- try a fun restaurant with great ambiance and even better food. That's right, that means forget about that diet! Those rich dinners and yummy desserts will be too much to resist right now, and why should you? Life is to be enjoyed, and no one is better at doing just that right now than you are. Bring a friend along for even more fun, or someone cute and sweet. Don't be surprised if you have trouble keeping a grip on your wallet, too. You want to indulge yourself and everyone around you, so you might end up picking up the tab again and again, even if you have to rely on credit to do so. Again, oh well; you'll pay later for the excesses you indulge in now, but with the mood you're in, you'll probably find it more than worth it. So take your clients or your pals out for a fun-filled night on the town, and live it up. You deserve it!

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