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Uranus trine Venus

A Stellar Social Life

Kelli Fox

You'll have a stellar social life this year and your popularity could soar without much effort from you, so be sure to accept all those invitations you're receiving, and take every opportunity to develop new relationships and enrich the ones you already have. Your tolerant, friendly, curious nature opens doors for you to form relationships with all sorts of interesting and exciting people, even if they wouldn't ordinarily be someone you'd get involved with. If your life has been lacking in good old-fashioned fun, you can change that now: Make it a point to participate in any sort of entertainment or activity that brings a smile to your face.

This year is also a fun time to experiment with some changes to your appearance; try out some newer fashions and increase your wardrobe, or get a radical new haircut or color. These fun outer changes reflect the new lightheartedness that you feel on the inside. This should be a good year for money matters, too, because this influence loosens up your attachment to money and helps it flow. Money and resources may come and go at a faster rate than usual, but most importantly, you won't be as attached as you previously were, which is a big relief.

Uranus trine Venus in the Compatibility Chart

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