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Uranus trine Mercury

Thinking for Yourself

Kelli Fox

You're a mental ball of fire this year. It's all systems go on the intellectual front, as your curiosity and hunger for knowledge are deeply aroused. You've got mental pizzazz this year, boldly going to places you've never gone before and making new and exciting connections regarding concepts that have previously eluded you.

Take a course in a subject that you've been interested in but haven't had the time to explore; this is the perfect year to open your mind to this type of new information. Connect with friends, both real and virtual. They'll appreciate you not only for your fresh viewpoint and keen intellect, but also for your sense of humor. The nice thing is, this will be a mutual exchange; friends will send you links and ideas that expand what you're already doing. It creates a wonderful information exchange in which you'll gladly participate. Small problems with this influence are easily handled: impatience, or a nervous energy. If you haven't yet incorporated a mental relaxation program or some type of meditation into your daily life, now is the ideal time. Calming your mind regularly is key to making the most out of this rare but stimulating influence.

Uranus trine Mercury in the Compatibility Chart

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