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Uranus trine Mars

Creating Opportunities for Yourself

Kelli Fox

This is an excellent year for taking on new projects and activities that you've never tried before. Your physical energy is high and you feel frisky and independent. Try a new exercise regime or some type of physical activity that will introduce you to new ways of moving your body -- you don't want to waste all that daring, exuberant energy!

Break out of any situation that's holding you back, or that doesn't permit you to express the full scope of your freedom and independence. You're able to create your own opportunities to expand your sphere of influence and assert your self-confidence. If you've been a shy, quiet person up until now, you'll surprise others with your newfound ability to make things happen and to act on your own behalf, and on behalf of others who need it, who may not be able to do it for themselves. Your sense of adventure is highlighted and you take chances unlike any you've taken before, but these aren't likely to be dangerous or risky: They'll simply lift you up and take you out of situations that have been limiting in the past. This is a rare and special opportunity to develop your assertion in a way that will benefit you without endangering others.

Uranus trine Mars in the Compatibility Chart

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