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Uranus square Venus

Disruptions in Your Love Life

Kelli Fox

This infrequent but intense influence will help you make some necessary changes in your love life and in all your relationships. It may not be a smooth transition, though. You're likely to feel edgy and anxious about conditions in your relationships, particularly in terms of your independence.

Suddenly, you can't tolerate being restricted in any way by those around you. It's not these feelings that are the problem; everyone has them from time to time, and in fact they can point to important areas where things are stagnant. The problem is in how you deal with the emotions. Making unilateral decisions about the future of any relationship without thinking things through or discussing your feelings with your partner is a real danger at this time. You may suddenly take off with someone new, different and entirely unsuitable for you, or make permanent changes to your partnership that you'll later regret. It's not that these feelings of needing more freedom and independence should be ignored: quite the contrary. Voice your complaints and make necessary changes; but exercise caution and sensitivity toward your partner. That way, you won't burn any bridges behind you.

Uranus square Venus in the Compatibility Chart

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