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Uranus square Uranus

Asserting Your Independence

Kelli Fox

If you are experiencing this transit now, you are either in your early twenties or your early sixties. You are at the beginning or near the end of the prime producing years of your life, and both of these thresholds require a change in the way you view the world and how you perceive your place in it. This is a time when old barriers break down, and you find yourself trying to break free of the restraints you feel are holding you back from forward progress.

Some people call this rebellion! The important thing is that you recognize your distinct individuality, which may require some separation from the group you've been associating with. This may not be an easy year, because it's never easy to strike out on your own; but soon you'll appreciate the new liberty you have created for yourself. You'll find that you're better able to focus on matters that have meaning to you personally, and less on matters that others have crammed down your throat (or at least, that's how it might seem to you at this point in time!). Some disruptions will occur as others adjust to your new self-image, but they will quickly diminish as you make your own, individual mark on the world.

Uranus square Uranus in the Compatibility Chart

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