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Uranus square Sun

Sick and Tired of 'Normal'

Kelli Fox

Upsets and disruptions may be par for the course for you this year, due to this infrequent and unusual influence. You just don't feel quite like yourself. Restlessness and irritability greet you each morning when you wake up; you're sick and tired of your normal routine and feel rebellious when anyone asks you to do anything.

You're tempted to quit your job, dump your relationships and change your entire life, including your appearance. The danger here is going too far with this impatient and erratic energy; it's very easy to take radical steps that you later regret when life returns to 'normal.' You may behave in a way that's far outside your normal parameters of behavior, in your effort to free yourself from what you perceive as limitations. Be cautious about taking steps that you haven't thoroughly considered. Give yourself some time to think things through, so you won't make any abrupt, irrevocable decisions. This is a good time to do things by yourself, because you don't have the patience to work with others. Your sense of freedom and independence is highlighted now, and others find you to be sarcastic and downright difficult to be around at this time.

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