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Uranus square Neptune

Confusing Spirituality

Kelli Fox

During this year you may attempt to seek freedom by avoiding the 'real world' and finding liberty in unrealistic ideals, or a form of spirituality, mysticism or religion that encourages you to rise above the concerns and details of daily life. While it is certainly fine to include a form of spirituality in your life, you must be very aware this year of belief systems that encourage you to escape entirely from earthly concerns. After all, you were born to participate in the human world, not to escape from it!

This could prove to be a very confusing year for you, when things you thought you believed in become jumbled in your mind; you might suddenly find that your previous beliefs don't comfort you anymore, or even make much sense. It is important that you strongly question any type of belief system that is thrust upon you, so that you're not swept away by any system, new or old, that is unrealistic or that will lead you away from your actual purpose here on earth. Take everything with a grain of salt now, and for your own best interests, think extremely carefully before joining any new group, whether spiritual or religious, that enforces extreme beliefs or demands upon its members.

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