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Uranus square Mercury

Making Your Own Rules

Kelli Fox

You may feel like you've got your finger in an electric socket at times during this year, and as a result, your brain may feel pretty fried. You're restless and irritable, chafing against mental restrictions that you normally take in stride; you may even feel outright rebellious, unable to keep your mouth shut even when you know you should. You may offend others with your defiance and refusal to be categorized.

You insist on being your own individual now, defying convention and making your own rules. The chaos you create may feel good in the short term will not really help you satisfactorily in the long run, because others soon tire of dealing with your criticism, sarcasm and negative attitude. One common result of this influence is to feel very nervous and high-strung, even to the point of having difficulty sleeping due to nervous tension. To relieve some of that tension, be sure you stay physically active so that your muscles get tired. Then do something to help your mind calm down: a soothing tea, a warm bath, a relaxation tape, some type of meditation. Staying well rested and alert will help you avoid some of the negative manifestations of this influence.

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