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Uranus square Mars

Impatient and Impetuous

Kelli Fox

This year you'll experience some difficult energies when you feel as if your independence is being thwarted and you're not quite sure what to do about it. Often these restrictions feel as if they're coming from someone or something that's beyond your control, which leads to feelings of great frustration and impotence. In order to deal with this stressful energy, you may resort to unexpected or even erratic behavior, lashing out with violent words or even physical confrontations.

You may also engage in risky, self-destructive behaviors that could endanger both you and others. In a conflict of egos, you'll feel like the underdog, the weaker of the two egos, which will make you feel angry and unable to deal with the situation. You may make some sudden, rash decisions that have negative consequences for you down the line. It is very difficult at this time to take sensible, measured responses; you're more likely to lash out blindly, which unfortunately won't help you out of your difficult situation. Your best bet this year is to choose your battles carefully. Being able to deal effectively with one problem will help you deal with the others.

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