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Uranus square Jupiter

Get Me Out of Here!

Kelli Fox

While this can be a year of great progress and development, first you have to recognize areas in your life that need to change, releasing you from past bonds and enlivening your sense of freedom. Every little thing is getting under your skin, making you feel incredibly irritated. You're so restless and exuberant, you don't quite know what to do with yourself -- and we're talking a period of months here, not a few minutes at a time.

You may feel so optimistic and lucky that you'll take risks you'd never take ordinarily, and you may be perfectly justified in your optimistic viewpoint -- but the future is quite uncertain. Rather than looking dreamily toward the future, remind yourself that you're right here, right now, ready to make some effective changes in your life and throw off the shackles of jobs, people and situations that keep you down. One thing to be careful of: You're feeling so independent and rebellious that you want to do everything yourself. Don't be reckless, but also, try not to let other people's opinions about you and your possible future affect your actions, even if they look at you as if you're from outer space when you do what feels right.

Uranus square Jupiter in the Compatibility Chart

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