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Uranus sextile Venus

An Exciting Social Life

Kelli Fox

Your social life takes a definite upswing this year as you find and develop some exciting new relationships. Perhaps a friendship will evolve into something more, or a romantic connection might morph into a more friendly or professional relationship. You may have the opportunity to meet and hook up with people you don't ordinarily get to connect with, people who will open your mind and heart to new information, knowledge or even a whole new way to relate.

This is a wonderful year to develop new friendships, and to steer established friendships into whole new areas. Make it a point to socialize in situations where there are plenty of people to connect with. Online chat groups, social clubs and email lists are other excellent ways of finding new people who share your interests. Accept spontaneous invitations even if you don't ordinarily do so. Your financial life should also improve this year, with some burdens diminishing or disappearing, leaving you with more money resources. At the very least, you won't feel quite as squeezed as you have in the recent past. This infrequent but favorable transit will help improve your financial and social life.

Uranus sextile Venus in the Compatibility Chart

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