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Uranus sextile Saturn

Improving What Came Before

Kelli Fox

This year presents you with a rare opportunity to change and improve the structures in your life with very little trouble, and in a way that will bring you positive results. In which areas of your life these improvements will take place is up to you; but they should be areas that have a specific pattern, one that you've built with forethought and lots of hard work. Your job is a good example: You may have insights regarding your career or a new vision for the future of your company that will catch the attention of your superiors, and maybe even net you a promotion or raise.

These ideas will come in flashes, so as soon as you receive one, be sure to write it down -- these insights will tend to come in spurts and streaming visions, quick to come and just as quick to depart. One of the best parts of this process is that you don't have to upset yourself or anyone else in order to incorporate these changes; whatever system you're changing will adapt itself to and be improved by the injection of your new ideas. Your mind will be a fine blend of discipline and innovation this year, and you'll be able to accomplish a great deal of positive adjustments that make your life better.

Uranus sextile Saturn in the Compatibility Chart

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