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Uranus sextile Mercury

Mental Breakthroughs

Kelli Fox

Your mind is restless now, in a way that arouses your curiosity and craves stimulation. Old, pat answers just don't do it for you anymore: You need something deeper that speaks to your sense of truth. You'll notice a definite speeding up of your thought processes and even your speech -- you may trip over your words, trying to get them out!

This is a splendid time to take on a new course of study; you'll respond to an organized method of learning but will supplement it with your own self-directed research, as this helps you connect what you're learning with what you already know. Make an effort to find new friends who share similar interests with you; if there are none in your area, start an Internet chat group or email list so you can make those important connections. Gathering with friends old and new is vital for you this year, so go out of your way to make that happen. This kind of conversation and mental exchange provides many new ideas for you and gives you additional information to think about. This transit is very rare, occurring only once every forty years, so take advantage of it by sharpening the edges of your mind.

Uranus sextile Mercury in the Compatibility Chart

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