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Uranus sextile Mars

Trying Something New

Kelli Fox

Your physical energy is stimulated during this year and your sense of freedom and independence will increase. You work best by yourself, because you don't want to be told what to do, and you certainly don't want anyone hovering over you. You're excitable and energetic, which means that with only a little discipline, you can get a lot done.

You're particularly motivated to begin projects that are different from anything you've done before. Nothing that is familiar will attract you. You get most excited about embarking upon activities that spur growth and an increase in knowledge and experience in unfamiliar areas; in fact, exploring new areas is the direct path to personal growth, and to stretching the limits of your understanding of what you can do. It will seem as if the universe is listening to you, too, because opportunities to participate in these new activities will present themselves naturally, without your having to seek them out. All you have to do is recognize them when they come your way, and hop on board! Overall, this is a year when your own personal limits will be stretched, and you'll be able to assert your ability and independence in new ways.

Uranus sextile Mars in the Compatibility Chart

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  1. Narelle Leach on March 28, 2019 at 5:25 am

    My life is on a new interesting sounds wonderful. Thank you.

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