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Uranus opposite Venus

Finding Freedom in Love

Kelli Fox

This could be one of those 'interesting' years when a lot changes in your major relationships. One or both of you may suddenly feel boxed in by your relationship. The big question will be, What are you going to do about it?

In order for the relationship to survive, changes will need to be made. Clinging rigidly to the status quo definitely won't work and may even hasten the end of the relationship, although this influence will usually not, in and of itself, cause a relationship to end. You two may give new meaning to the concept and practice of freedom within a relationship. This transformation may not be a comfortable one, especially at first, but soon you'll both recognize the benefits of it. If you're single, your head -- and heart -- may turn toward someone who wouldn't ordinarily catch your attention, but these are not ordinary times! Relationships started now often don't last, but can still be pivotal connections that teach you a lot about yourself and help to dispel romantic illusions that you previously held. This is a very infrequent influence, occurring only once in your lifetime, and can be very illuminating even if initially discomforting.

Uranus opposite Venus in the Compatibility Chart

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