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Uranus opposite Sun

Disruptions From Other People

Kelli Fox

Disruptive forces are at work in your life this year, creating havoc and a need to change in order to deal with the new circumstances in your life. These disruptions are likely to be caused by other people and could very easily involve a separation or split between you and your significant other. Certainly new ideas and new ways of seeing things will be forcibly brought to your attention.

If you're honest with yourself, you'll realize that your current relationships and the general conditions of your life aren't giving you the opportunity you need to be fully independent, free and unique. This year will provide you with the opportunity to develop those qualities, whether you were planning to or not! One problem with this influence is that you're likely to let others take charge and dictate the types of changes you should be making; if this is the motivation for your change, in the end, you won't be happy with it. You must look inside and find your own unique contribution to the situation, and adjust it so that you have all the personal freedom and independence you need to conduct your own life in the way you want.

Uranus opposite Sun in the Compatibility Chart

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