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Uranus opposite Saturn

This is a Test, Only a Test

Kelli Fox

Circumstances and people conspire to upset your apple cart, which you have been pushing along blindly for some time now. Structures that are well established in your life but that need a radical adjustment are destined to undergo permanent changes now. These changes will come about as a direct result of challenges to those established structures, often in the form of someone asking uncomfortable questions or pointing directly to flaws in those structures you've so carefully built and nurtured over the years.

What seemed solid yesterday has all of a sudden turned into a house of cards, blown over by the slightest wind. Your life may seem to crumble into a chaotic mess in the face of this test. But remember that teacher back in school who always called tests a 'learning opportunity'? Well, that's exactly what you're faced with right now. Reacting to those challenges by withdrawing into your cave and refusing to come out won't work -- and it's rather like failing the test. Instead, difficult as it is, listen to the comments and criticisms you hear, and try to incorporate them as much as you can. These will lead to positive changes, and you'll pass the test, after all.

Uranus opposite Saturn in the Compatibility Chart

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