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Uranus opposite Neptune

Questioning Your Beliefs

Kelli Fox

Cherished spiritual beliefs that you may have held for decades now come into question as your life advances. You or the people around you are beginning to ask uncomfortable questions about those very beliefs that you've always accepted as truth, and never questioned until now. This can be an uncomfortable time if you're not one to give much thought or effort to the development of your spiritual side, or if you've simply followed blindly the religious teachings of your youth.

This can happen as quickly as the time it takes for one question to be asked -- a probing, pointed question aimed right at the heart of any kinks or wrinkles in your spiritual system. This can start a process not unlike a row of dominoes, which, when one domino is pushed, knocks down the entire row, making a mess of order and pattern. Since questions like these often take on more importance as you age, it's important to be prepared for the sense of instability and even alarm that this type of questioning can trigger. Think deeply, talk with the important people in your life and don't worry that your faith is gone. It simply needs a think-through to clarify your beliefs.

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