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Uranus opposite Mercury

Shaking Up Your Mind

Kelli Fox

This influence occurs only once in your life, which is a relief, because it often indicates a year of mental upheaval, when some of your most entrenched thinking is called into question and you're forced to examine your thought processes. This challenge to your mind will come mainly through information that you gain through other people; and it can really shake you up, because usually you aren't expecting anything like this. Your first reaction may be to retreat in confusion; you may not feel prepared to counter the demands and information that you receive.

Instead you'll feel completely tongue-tied, unable to verbalize a sensible, logical response. You may be tempted to keep a death grip on your ideas and opinions, trying to ignore what's right in front of you and refusing to budge on any issue. This will only delay the mental changes you are required to make right now, and will make it even harder to adjust later. As difficult as it may be, try to view the challenges you receive as learning experiences: Try the new concepts on for size, and don't cling to your previous ideology. You're outgrowing it, which is why you're receiving new information at this time.

Uranus opposite Mercury in the Compatibility Chart

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