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Uranus opposite Mars

Trying to Do the Impossible

Kelli Fox

This could be a stressful year, as opposing forces attempt to block your independence or freedom of action. This makes you angry and ready to take on any perceived opponent at a moment's notice, whether or not this is the person or situation that's blocking you. You tend to act impulsively, without any forethought or consideration of the consequences, lashing out at anything that gets in your way, no matter how inappropriate.

You feel rebellious, not in any mood to compromise or negotiate -- which are usually the best ways to overcome problems of the type you're now facing. You're more likely to take extreme risks now, just to prove to yourself and everyone else around that you can do something 'impossible.' While you may succeed, there is the danger that you'll get into trouble or experience an accident or other misfortune, either because your goals weren't very realistic, the path to achieve them wasn't well prepared or you were simply careless. Although it is difficult, the most effective way to handle this strong energy is to let others have their say; then they are more likely to listen and respond favorably to you.

Uranus opposite Mars in the Compatibility Chart

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