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Uranus conjunct Saturn

Embrace the Change

Kelli Fox

This could be a year of great instability in your life, as routines and habits that you formed long ago are shaken to their very core. The degree to which this is easy or difficult will depend on how desperately you cling to the past, or how readily you let it go -- which won't be easy. These are things you've created to give your life form and meaning, but stresses have been building up and these established structures are beginning to show the strain.

Now, events, circumstances and even other people will ensure that the parts of your life that are outmoded and outworn will fall away, freeing you up to develop a new and improved way of living. The more you try to hang on to the old ways, the harder this transition will be. When you do let go of the old ways, it may occur suddenly, and although you've been thinking about these things a great deal, others in your life may not be aware of it, so it will come as a great surprise to them. These changes can occur in any area of your life -- your job, your primary relationship, your home and so on. While this year can be quite disruptive, once it's over, you'll feel relieved -- freer and more authentic in all that you do.

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