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Uranus conjunct Mercury

The Speed of Thought

Kelli Fox

Your mind is on red alert for most of this year; in fact, you may have trouble going to sleep at night because your mind is racing in circles! You'll experience mental stimulation like nothing you've ever felt before. You'll be more alert than usual, more curious, more probing.

Conversations will be intense and far-ranging. You won't stand for casual, pat answers anymore: In fact, you may offend others with your pointed questions, even provoking an argument or outcry. You'll connect dots that you haven't connected before; you'll talk fast and think faster, often leaping to the correct conclusion in an 'ah-ha' moment long before others get there. If you're writing, don't even think about using a pen or pencil, unless you know shorthand. A keyboard is a much better idea, along with a speed-typing class! You'll need it to record all the fantastic ideas you'll come up with this year. The more unusual the concepts you expose yourself to now, the better. Your mind craves input and new information, for it's now unfettered with any type of blocked thinking that may have limited your viewpoints in the past. Who says the speed of light is the fastest speed possible? Try the speed of thought!

Uranus conjunct Mercury in the Compatibility Chart

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  1. Ann on August 6, 2016 at 3:32 am

    Yes, “…my mind craves input and new information”.

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