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Uranus conjunct Mars

I Do What I Want

Kelli Fox

This rare transit will come around only once in your lifetime, and it indicates a year filled with change and turbulence. The effects of this influence depend a lot on how you've learned to handle assertion, aggression and anger, and they can range anywhere from excitement to outright danger. Certainly you will feel restless, unwilling to continue with the status quo.

Even if you're ordinarily a quiet person, you'll have much more courage than you're used to, and may surprise yourself and others with your willingness to speak out and stand up for what you believe. If you are usually bold and outspoken, you'll be way over the top this year, because whatever normally limits your expression is now removed. 'I do what I want' becomes your motto. You'll be very forceful and won't hesitate to express it, which can lead to face-offs and powerful, often angry, confrontations with others. Your physical energy is out of control, which can lead to burns or accidents, so for your own safety, develop as much calm and patience as you can muster, which won't be easy. The unrestrained passion indicated by this transit is a very powerful force that can be dangerous when not carefully focused.

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