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Sun trine Neptune

Caring and Compassion

Kelli Fox

Your artistic, spiritual side calls out for attention this week, but you have to listen up to pay attention to the call, because it's not very loud. You'll feel open and sensitive during this period, and you will radiate how you're feeling within your soul outward to others. Your heightened compassion and sympathy for the people around you makes this an excellent time to do community service, or just to take a moment and help someone needy who crosses your path.

Whether this is a friend in need of a hug or a stranger who blossoms under your friendly smile, you'll come across to them as a kind and caring soul. There is a possible problem this week, however, and that is your tendency to look at the world with rose-colored glasses. You could idealize someone you're close to or someone you're getting to know, leading to disappointment when they show their true colors as the normal, non-deity human being that they are. But this shouldn't be a big deal, and after all, a little idealism never hurt a relationship. So keep your ideals within reach, a grounded friend close at hand and your compassion near the surface, and you'll come through the week with flying colors.

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