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Sun trine Mercury

A Clear Mind

Kelli Fox

Your mind is perfectly clear this week, and you observe with unusual depth and clarity. Your words flow with precision and ease, from both your mouth and your hand, and you are able to absorb and relay information with incredible speed and fluidity. Your mind is working at subtle levels now, and you're able to grasp concepts that would normally elude you.

Your intuitions are also humming; no matter who you come into contact with, you're able to read them accurately and figure out their needs, or their agenda, as the case may be. Doesn't it feel great to connect so easily? You can get your ideas across with such little effort, and you can understand your friends and coworkers so well, without even trying. Take advantage of this smooth flow of ideas; creativity is encouraged and listening is enhanced, and this can mean great things both in your personal relationships and at work. If you involved with any type of research or intensive study program, you'll find that your work goes exceptionally well this week, as you have a good grasp not only of details, but of the overall plan. Your timing's just right during this week or two, so take good advantage of it!

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