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Sun trine Mars

Push Yourself

Kelli Fox

This is a good week to trot out your best, most creative ideas, because your energy is humming on high and you can really make things happen, both at work and at home. You're able to accomplish a great deal of work and make huge professional progress just on the force of your personality and charisma alone. Your confidence is stronger than usual during this period, so get out there and push yourself!

This is not time to lie around, eyes glued to the TV; you should be on the move from dawn to dusk, because this favorable opportunity will soon be gone. Whether it's work or play, you should apply yourself with everything you've got. Physically demanding games like soccer and racquetball are right up your alley now, and you'll also bring that go-for-it attitude to work, where you can pursue your projects with vigor. Creativity and action are your watchwords during this time, so it's a great time to kick-start some of those work tasks or personal projects that have been lagging. Your libido is also running strong; your passion will ignite your honey's, and you could share an experience that's truly intense and memorable.

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