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Sun square Sun

Temporary Challenges

Kelli Fox

Your physical vitality and energy sinks now, and you don't feel as positive and easygoing as usual. You're on edge, irritable and sensitive to the least challenges or obstacles. You just feel thwarted, at work, at home and within yourself.

Every effort you make seems to meet up with a brick wall, and whatever it is that you're working on -- a project, a relationship -- is being tested. This isn't the best time to start new projects, and especially not with a new team. They won't see things the way you do, and you'll probably end up doing more arguing than making any actual progress. You're much more likely than usual to butt heads with someone and to reject their good ideas just because they're different from what you came up with. You're also suffering from foot-in-mouth disease right now; your defenses are up and you're taking things much more personally than you should, which makes you lash out and say things you'll probably really regret later. Fortunately this transit is only temporary, so what appears bleak now should look a lot rosier in a week or so. Just be patient; soon things will be back on track.

Sun square Sun in the Compatibility Chart

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