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Sun square Saturn

Business Before Pleasure

Kelli Fox

Thank goodness this is a short influence, because it's usually not a lot of fun. You feel compelled to take care of business - whatever that means for you -- even though you really don't want to. What you have to do isn't what you want to do, which could leave you a little grumpy, or at least using a don't-talk-to-me glare quite frequently.

Making new business contacts isn't a great idea right now, and going out on a date with someone new definitely isn't. Authority issues may surface, or more likely, you simply won't be able to connect in a way that produces lasting results. You may find yourself in defense mode without even realizing it, feeling backed into a corner and forced to explain your ideas when they come under attack by your boss or coworkers. If this happens, do try not to get too worked up about it; getting into an argument will only create bad blood with the people you're supposed to work closely with. Even if it feels uncomfortable, it would be much better to back down from the fight. Better yet, avoid confrontations by working alone. Keep your nose to the grindstone, and promise yourself a good reward at the end of the week when this is all finished.

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