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Sun square Neptune

Hiding Out at Home

Kelli Fox

Your energy is low and you'd really rather lie in bed than get up and go to work. And you know what? While you can't skip a whole week of work just because, you might be better off if you can find a way to take a day or so off.

If you do have to put your nose to the grindstone, don't be surprised if you can't seem to focus. Things that you can ordinarily handle will confuse you, and your boss or coworkers could suddenly seem harsh and mean. It's likely that you're the one that's different right now, not them. Your skin is a bit too thin now; you're rather like a sponge, absorbing energy indiscriminately, whether it's positive or negative. You may feel vaguely uneasy, whether you're at home alone or out trying to interact in the world. Clear perceptions just aren't part of your repertoire right now, which means that you're better off waiting to make any important moves or decisions. Spend as much time on your own as possible, or in the company of people you've known and trusted for a good long while. Otherwise, you could get taken in by con artists, or even just by people with an agenda that doesn't match up well with yours.

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