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Sun sextile Uranus

Don't Fence Me In

Kelli Fox

Any restrictions placed upon you this week are going to leave you chomping at the bit, ready to bust through them -- by force, if need be -- to a place of freedom and spontaneity. You need to feel that you are perfectly free during this period, not beholden to anyone. You would hate to feel as if your options were limited, in any area of your life -- your love life, your work, even your diet.

In fact, this period is like a buffet table full of brightly-colored and exotic foods: You can't sample just one! You want to try them all, and if someone's standing at your elbow, murmuring well-intentioned warnings about fat intake and cholesterol and heartburn, you'll probably just push them away and then pile your plate all the higher! And for now, that's not only fine, it's great. This is your time to break free of restrictions and try out something or someone new. Take on a new project at work, or go out on a date with someone unusual, because your quick wit and mental pizzazz will attract the best. By the end of the week, you'll probably make more than a few new friends, and even more admirers! Use this time of wide-eyed excitement to gain a fresh perspective on life.

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