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Sun sextile Pluto

Strength and Focus

Kelli Fox

You feel strong and focused now, making this a good time to recommit yourself to projects and relationships that you've already begun, including your exercise plan. You're radiating charisma like the sun puts out heat, so don't be afraid to initiate business meetings and arrange romantic dates. Try not to get obsessive about any particular client, aspect of a project or potential date, though.

Focus is your watchword now, and you want to go deep, which could lead to uncomfortable situations if you take it too far. If a client or that special someone declines your offer, be gallant about it -- just say 'Okay, perhaps another time' and walk away. Who knows? They might appreciate your no-pressure approach and come back on second thought. On the other hand, applying a little bit of pressure might not hurt, if it's for a person or a cause that you really believe in. Maybe they'll be attracted to that intensity, and want to see more of it. There could be a sexual undertone to everything you do right now, so choose your romantic partners wisely. You're likely to make some remarkable progress at work or in your personal relationships, on endeavors of your own design.

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