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Sun sextile Mars

Hard Work and Success

Kelli Fox

You're courageous now; fearless, even. Your passionate nature is very close to the surface, giving you that extra oomph that's needed to put everything you've got into both work and play. This is a great time to impress your boss, to get the ball rolling on a new project or to reach out to potential new friends or clients.

Your personal warmth and enthusiasm will attract their interest and participation. And making a great impression will be easy! Your ideas are more creative now than usual; try out new methods at work or in your personal projects, because you're more likely than usual to make it work. Why? Because your timing is spot-on now, and your instincts are pointing you in the right direction. You're ready and willing to put in hard work and accomplish great feats. And like the old saying, 'Like breeds like,' the successes you find during this period will lead to more success in the future; you'll inspire yourself to try even harder and reach even farther next time, and the people around you will notice your work and will be more open to working with you in the future. Enjoy this period, and use it to get a lot done -- it lasts less than two weeks!

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  1. Lee Bock on April 9, 2017 at 7:57 am

    very informative thank you. How to get a personal reading with YOU

  2. Nadine Rogers on February 23, 2019 at 9:57 pm

    Wish the above could be true, but the man I like lives in Arizona and I’m in North Florida. I’ve
    taken care of myself and look younger and am healthy but my age is a disadvantage for more
    love in my life now. It would be a gap like President of France who married his teacher…..
    I’m taking all my supplements though, just in case.

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